• Project Analytics with CTC Software

    Mughees Altaf
    Account Manager — AEC Productivity Tools at SolidCAD

    Need for data analytics is growing rapidly within the AEC industry. I have clients that tell me about the work, effort, time and most importantly money they have lost because they did not understand the reasons behind a project or a model being corrupted.

    CTC Software makes tools to make sure these errors don’t occur. Specifically, a tool that logs data; Project Activity Logger.

    There are some challenges to become a data driven organization, and CTC has the solution.

    Common Challenges

    • Aggregating statistics and data of activity in on-going Revit projects
    • Detecting problems encountered as projects progress
    • Generating accurate and complete reports of current workflows, resources and expertise

    Solution – Project Activity Logger (PAL)

    • Lightweight background capture of key performance indicators for Revit projects
    • Real-time availability of data on work-shared projects
    • Data stored allows easy connection & visualization with popular business intelligence software

    Source of ROI – Return on Investment Realized

    • Flexible licensing & highly competitive pricing- get up and running with lower investment than similar products
    • Proactive and ongoing project analysis- make informed improvements before problems escalate
    • Optimize workflows, schedule resources and identify training opportunities for future projects

    If you are a data driven firm or looking to get there. Contact SolidCAD to assess your current Revit workflow and understand what other firms are doing in the industry to get ahead.