• InfraWorks


    There has been a significant change to Infraworks’ services.

    1. It will no longer be possible to create new analyses such as Watershed, Traffic, Line Girder, Profile, and Corridor in 2018.2 and earlier versions of Infraworks.  In addition, web and mobile views will need to be recreated.

    Upgrading to Infraworks 2019 when it becomes available is required to use these features.  This step was taken to improve the security of your data by meeting SOC2 standards, and to conform to new EU data protection regulations.

    Click this link to learn more.

    2. The following services will be retired.

    a. Create Civil 3D drawings from InfraWorks models.

    b. Some cloud-based data translation. Additional software may be required to be installed onto your workstations.

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