• Curious about the hype around Autodesk’s HSM CAM?

    Hey CNC’ers!

    Curious about the hype around Autodesk’s HSM CAM? And now you’re looking for more information and possibly a demonstration? Well, you’ve come to the right place! SolidCAD is not only Canada’s biggest reseller of Autodesk manufacturing solutions, but also the only Canadian Autodesk reseller with a dedicated team of CAM specialists.

    HSM CAM is the comprehensive and powerful CNC programming add-on for Inventor (Inventor CAM – included with a subscription to the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection ), Fusion 360 (Fusion 360 Manufacturing – built into Fusion 360), and even SolidWorks (HSMWorks – included with a subscription to Fusion 360).

    Please visit our HSM CAM page to read about all the advantages of this integrated CAD/CAM solution and to find lots of technical resources: https://www.solidcad.ca/partner-products/hsm-cam/

    Also, try our SolidCAD universal milling post-processor, compatible with a wide variety of 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machines that accept FANUC-style G-code. This open-source post-processor generates nicely-formatted NC code, and is chock-full of features to make it as flexible as possible. These features include:

    • Safe restart feature after M00 program stops
    • Automatic date and time stamp function
    • Tool table feature in header
    • Operation name, tool name, and cycle time at top of each operation
    • Activation of accumulated pecking depth feature for G73-style drilling
    • Activation of the Manual NC code pass-through feature
    • Property to toggle between 3-axis / 4-axis / 5-axis configurations
    • Property to set maximal spindle speed
    • Property to toggle tool preload on/off
    • Property to toggle rigid tapping on/off
    • Property to assign an M-code for rigid tapping
    • Property to toggle between G54-G59 and G54.1 P1-P300 work offsets
    • Property to toggle between G28 and G53 retracts
    • Properties to set M-codes for 4th and 5th axis brake lock/unlock functions
    • Property to toggle on/off the output of rotary axis positions at every operation
    • Property to toggle on/off the output of M01 optional stops at tool changes
    • Property to toggle on/off automatic spindle gear changes
    • Property to set a spindle gear change crossover speed
    • Property to toggle between French and English for the output of comments and messages
    • Property to toggle on/off lowercase support for comments
    • Property to set the rapid rate used for operation time calculations
    • Property to toggle on/off the automatic creation of sub-programs for patterns
    • Property to toggle between 4 digit and 8-digit program IDs
    • Property to toggle on/off the output of the tool list in the program header
    • Property to toggle between relative or absolute coordinates for IJKs
    • Property to toggle between automatic tool changer or manual tool changes
    • Property to toggle between M30 and M99 for program termination
    • Property to toggle between returning to home or going to parking position at program end
    • Properties to set X- and Y-coordinates for parking position
    • Property to convert from feed expressed per min. to feed expressed per second
    • Property to inverse Z direction convention
    • Property to disable output of all coolant codes

    This post processor is available here: https://www.solidcad.ca/solidcad-generic-post-processors-download/